The Music Asylum-WLFR 10/18/09 playlist

I’ll have to write more later, so I’ll be editing this but here’s my play list for last Sunday’s radio show, song title, followed by artist:

Blues Stay Away From Me-The Louvin Brothers
My Darlin’ Hometown-John Prine
Somehow I Know-Mr D
Autumn Fields-Kontiki Suite
Hide Your Mind-Ardentjohn
To Better Days-Magnolia Summer
which william-Hensley Sturgis
Belle vue-The Tailors

American Static-Micah Schnabel
Alphabet City-Two Cow Garage
That’s How I Got To Memphis-Joe Pernice
The Day We Met-Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles
Teddy Boys-Kelly Willis
Doin It For The Country-Redlands Palomino Co
You’ve Got Troubles On Your Mind-The Scuffers
Drunk on the Blood of Christ-Bap Kennedy
You’re Not Coming Home Tonight-First Aid Kit

And Suddenly-The School
Mine Your Own Business-Honeybunch
Picture Perfect-Strawberry Whiplash
I’ll Never Be Yours-Bubblegum Lemonade
The Was-Make Model
Apple+Option+Fire-Hot Lava

Scotland-The Very Most
Swans-Camera Obscura
Anime Eyes-The Awkward Stage

Swim Until You Can’t See Land-Frightened Rabbit
Open Your Mind-Lewis Wilson
I Wonder Why-The Primary 5
Song For The Dead-Sean Jackson
Can’t Go Back-Michael Carpenter
After All-The Hazey Janes
Don’t Dream Of California-Dropkick
Darkest Hour-The Spectacular Fantastic
Rainfall-Apples In Stereo
Cheating a Cheat-The Small Change
Duality-The Martial Arts
Penny-Phony Bone

How Do You Know?-The Lyres
Sooner or Later-The Feelies
Let’s Go Surfing-The Drums
Teedy-Vulture Whale
The Good News-Philadelphia Grand Jury
Nothing to Hide-Yo La Tengo
Stuck for the Summer-Two Hours Traffic
Poison Letter-Le Reno Amps
Take It Upon Yourself-Sloan
Finish Line-Fanfarlo
Pocket Full of Gold-The Swimmers
Ton Of Love-Attic Lights
Don’t Look Back-Teenage Fanclub
Everything Flows-Velvet Crush
Threadbare-The Bigger Lovers

Quiet Little Voices-We Were Promised Jetpacks

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