Sweet Days Waiting

Just over two weeks ago I was on my way to surgery at Sibley hospital. It was decided it would be best for my Mom & I to drive out to Ashburn to stay with my Aunt Linda during the time I’d be recovering from the surgery while my Mom was in Virginia. We drove out there Monday evening so we could settle in the night before and the three of us could drive in together to the hospital. My Aunt Linda took the day off work and is most familiar with driving with rush hour traffic and we would potentially be facing it in the early afternoon as well. It was the best situation we could possibly imagine.

The night before surgery I didn’t sleep very well, even though I wasn’t as worried going into this one as I was the diagnostic one back in April. This one I *knew* what the surgeon was going to do, and why and I was looking forward to it. I’d been waiting for it. The 10 days prior to it I couldn’t take any pain medicine that previously helped me tolerate the pain during the day. You can’t take NSAID pain meds because it thins your blood and I’d been taking prescription Motrin & Aleve in high doses to survive. By the time I’d get home from work each evening, I’d be crying in pain. Fortunately, I could take the stronger pain medicine at home. I never thought I’d ever look forward to surgery.

I slept for about 3 hours or so until my wake up time of 5am. I had little preparation to do other than shower and cleanse my abdomen with a special anti-bacterial soap. I wasn’t allowed food or drink, so I tuned in to BBC6 radio online to listen in for Teenage Fanclub in session. I was recording the session on my laptop as I was certain I’d miss most of it. I heard the beginning of it in the house, but it got closer for our departure time and I had to gather myself together.

I needed to be at the hospital at 7:30am and one never knows how traffic will be in the DC metro area. We piled into the car and I climbed in to the backseat. I’ve found a way to stream BBC radio on my phone. It’s not ideal and it requires a strong 3G signal, but I’ve used it twice now while traveling to listen. I kept one ear free to listen to conversation and one ear with ear bud on the radio.

I was fairly anxious, in pain, exhausted, and just generally unsettled. We were in traffic, listening to news on the car stereo & my Mom and Aunt started discussing politics. Not exactly calming conversation for the journey toward the hospital the morning of my surgery.

As Lauren Laverne got back to interviewing Teenage Fanclub, I slipped the other ear bud in my ear and gave my full attention to it. It was a gorgeous cloudless blue sky, sun shining brightly….and as they finished up the chat, they started up “Sweet Days Waiting”
They’d played it in session before, but to me it sounded even more gorgeous than ever.

Perhaps it was that it just perfectly fit the exact moment of my life right as they were playing it…The past few months haven’t been easy. I sat back, closed my eyes, and soaked in the song in all its beauty.

I always turn to music to get me through. It’s why I can never honestly answer what’s my favorite song or album at any given moment, because it’s constantly changing depending on any number of factors.

I’m still in the process of recuperating from the surgery. It’s been a bit frustrating at times, but it’s with hope that I will be moving on to “sweet days” soon. I’m certainly ready for some. I do like my moments of solitude but I’ve developed a taste for being social  and it would be nice to be out & about again soon.

ps. Teenage Fanclub will be on tour in the US & Canada later this year! check out tour dates on the Merge Records site, and while you’re there, pick up Shadows if you haven’t already! It’s AMAZING!

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