Top Music of 2010

I’ve wanted to post this for some time, but kept forgetting to do so. I think I’ve been avoiding it because I usually write up a little bit about each Top 10 record at the very least. I’ll have to add it later as I’m still not in a mindset to write it up! I still need to add links.

At any rate, here’s what I loved and listened to in 2010. There are many records released that I never got around to purchasing, so I’ve got a list of almost two dozen I’d like to get at this point!

1. Teenage Fanclub-Shadows
2. Frightened Rabbit-The Winter of Mixed Drinks
3. Glossary-Feral Fire
4. Two Cow Garage-Sweet Saint Me
5. Admiral Fallow-Boots Met My Face
6. Broken Records-Let Me Come Home (couldn’t wait for the US release, so I ordered from Amazon UK!)
7. Treecreeper-Juniper
8. Elvyn-The Declline
9. Stornoway-Beachcomber’s Windowsill
10. Superchunk-Majesty Shredding

11. Ardentjohn-On the Wire
12. The Vaselines-Sex with An X
13. Michael Carpenter & the Cuban Heels-The Incomplete Cuban Heels
14. Aberfeldy-Somewhere to Jump From
15. First Aid Kit-The Big Black and The Blue
16. The Pernice Brothers-Goodbye, Killer
17. Darker My Love-Alive As You Are
18. Standard Fare-The Noyelle Beat
19. Marching Band-Pop Cycle
20. The Phantom Band-The Wants

the rest in alpha order:
Beach Fossils-Beach Fossils
Belle & Sebastian-Write About Love
Best Coast-Crazy for You
John Cunningham-1998-2002
Escape Act-Balance
Horse to Water-Junkie
Magnolia Mountain-Redbird Green
Past Prayers-Past Prayers
The Posies-Blood/Candy
The School-Loveless Unbeliever
The Successful Failures-Three Nights
Two Hours Traffic-Territory
Versus-On the Ones and Threes
The Wynntown Marshals-Westerner

Top songs-
1. Sweet Days Waiting-Teenage Fanclub
2. The Loneliness & The Scream-Frightened Rabbit
3. A Darkness Rises Up-Broken Records
4. Lonely is a Town-Glossary (although I could easily put Save Your Money for the Weekend here)
5. Home-Ardentjohn
6. Squealing Pigs-Admiral Fallow
7. Ghost Town-First Aid Kit
8. Don’t Leave, Don’t Go-Elvyn
9. Last Days-Treecreeper
10. That Song-Michael Carpenter & The Cuban Heels
11. Watching Birds-Stornoway

ps. very much enjoying songs by Weather Barn & Treefight for Sunlight
and look forward to hearing more from them in 2011


#teenagefanclub #music

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