The Bats interview for Topsy Turvy Twister Rama

Amy and I interviewed The Bats in August 1993 just before their set at The Fastlane in Asbury Park, NJ. My photographic memory pulls up all sorts of images: when we got to the venue and The Bats were gracious enough to sit down with us, despite not knowing about the interview; walking to the cafe at the Howard Johnson’s nearby; The Bats buying us cokes, because I was just 21 & didn’t drink, and Amy was 20 & so much more!

This appeared in issue #2 of Topsy Turvy Twister Rama. I’m hoping to scan in all three issues eventually. It was Amy’s ‘zine, and I helped with contributions, including some really bad drawings in issue #1. On the cover of issue #2 is a classic photo of Amy & her Mom dancing:


For now, here’s the scan of the interview! Getting to see The Bats again tonight here in DC!

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