SXSW 2014

Due to a series of events, I haven’t had a chance to do the usual research in preparation for my time here in Austin. I haven’t taken the time to keep the blog current. But here I am in Austin, TX again for SXSW. I know I say it every year since I’ve been attending, but it might be time to take a break from the festival. A number of reasons, both professional and personal, require my focus elsewhere. Perhaps smaller festivals in other cities might suit me in the future.

Let’s focus on the now though! I try to focus on bands I’ve never seen, are new to me, and are from outside the US. Many non-US bands rarely get to tour the US proper, so SXSW might be the only opportunity to see them. I benefit from living in the Northeast corridor and can get to NYC, Philly, and of course, Baltimore and DC very easily.

I’ll mix in bands I know and love with friends’ bands and am willing to check out a song or two from just about anyone.

There’s no must see band this year for me, no one that stands out above the rest. Last year, I couldn’t get enough PAWS!

Here are some bands that I’ll be seeing for the first time. I’ll let the music speak for itself! I’ll try to add some more, but for now, I’ve got to get my day started. Heading out to Lockhart, TX for some fine BBQ.









Death by Unga Bunga



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