Don’t Look Back

The Star Signs-Don’t Look Back now downloadable from Soundcloud in mp3 or wav: Mick Chorba, Jim Becker, Rob Martin, Lauree McArdle, Ron Bechamps & John Williams (the *band* name was Jim’s idea, to keep it TFC related) created for the Teenage Fanclub Message Board tribute 40 Million Seconds-The Long Road to TFC Featuring members of […]

Sweet Days Waiting

Just over two weeks ago I was on my way to surgery at Sibley hospital. It was decided it would be best for my Mom & I to drive out to Ashburn to stay with my Aunt Linda during the time I’d be recovering from the surgery while my Mom was in Virginia. We drove […]

SXSW 2010

NOTE: I’ve been working on this off and on for the past few weeks, so it might not be very coherent. Pardon spelling & grammar mistakes. My health issues have gotten in the way of having any sense of productivity, but I’m happy to report I’ll have a resolution to my “medical mystery” soon! My […]

Life, Music, Time…random thoughts

(or why I decided to go see live music the night before surgery) I should be sleeping. in less than 3 hours, one of my closest friends will be here to pick me up and drive me to the hospital for surgery. Since February 13th, I’ve been somewhat of a medical mystery. I was looking […]

Top 10 Albums of 2009

I was going to provide rankings past a top 10, but decided to keep it simple so here it is: 1. Dropkick-Abelay Hotel 2. Fanfarlo-Reservoir 3. Camera Obscura-My Maudlin Career 4. We Were Promised Jetpacks-These Four Walls 5. Micah Schnabel-When the Stage Lights Go Dim 6. The Tailors-Come Dig Me Up 7. Michael Carpenter-Redemption #39/The […]